Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy guaranties a security and privacy commitment regarding its user's personal data.

1. Confidentiality

Due to the very nature and objectives of the interactive services provided herein, users are required to supply contacts and/or information which may be regarded as being of a personal nature. undertakes the responsibility to respect the legislation in force as regards personal data protection.

2. Data Bases / Use of Login and Password

The data bases provided within this web site have the sole purpose to facilitate business business transactions between it's participants and

3. Correcting and Updating Information of a Personal Nature

The user of the interactive services provided herein is responsible for data he/she conveys to, being able to access, update or rectify the information supplied about his/her data.

Should you wish to alter any information of a personal nature and/or respective conditions of dissemination - or, should you wish to modify your identification, contacts and/or profile - you are always free to do so. All you need to do is to access your account by using your "login" and "password".

4. Acceptance and Binding to the Terms

All users of the services provided at this site are bound to the acceptance of and respect for the conditions expressed herein.

For any further clarification about the Privacy Policy and terms of Usage of this site, please send us an e-mail.